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Bitcoin, Ethereum and a New Direction for Cryptocurrency Investment.Author: Alex Lielacher Alex Lielacher is a former bond trader who now writes about bitcoin and blockchain technology.

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If You Needed a Great Reason to Avoid Bitcoin and Ethereum,.

Once, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin were popular among digital currency collectors—usually young technology savvy investors.Canada Confirms Tokens May Be Securities and Pacific Coin Is the Test.

It is without a doubt one of the greatest investment stories of.It is impossible to predict the future but note these dangers.Litecoin has become a very popular digital currency because it has all the benefits of bitcoin but has faster transaction times and lower transaction fees.

Smart contracts are computer protocols that create digital contracts which are intended to facilitate, verify, and enforce contractual agreements between two parties.Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most. the only company offering cryptocurrency-based retirement investment.Bitcoin vs Ethereum: The Best Digital Currencies for 2017 Buz Investors Best Digital Currencies Digital currencies have proved lucrative for tech-wise traders, but.Battle Of The Cryptos: Bitcoin Vs. Ethereum. Wayne Duggan, Benzinga Staff.A large part of that growth is due to a jump in interest from South Korea, but US dollar purchases have also increased significantly.Bitcoin vs. Ethereum. Bitcoin launched in the wake of the 2009 financial crisis as a digital currency alternative to fiat currencies like the U.S. Dollar.DASH, which stands for digital cash, is currently the leading anonymity-centric digital currency.Rather than issuing warnings or regulations, at least one progressive government is considering whether it can take advantage of ICO technology.

All it takes is users to fill out a form and make an investment in either Bitcoin or Ethereum.

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Is long term Bitcoin investment better than Ethereum. now you have more options of investment.

Ethereum passed Bitcoin in trading volume — a move. which gives investors who missed Bitcoin and Ethereum in their.Now, why would investors give up bitcoin to buy into ethereum.For investors who want to make a big bet on Ethereum, investment options are limited at.

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Students of business schools predicted two-to-one that a Bitcoin-weighted portfolio is a better long-term investment than Ethereum.

The volume of fiat purchases of ether has shot past that of bitcoin to account for approximately 70% of volume (at time of writing).Whether Bitcoin and Ethereum are rivals, complementary, or two separate entities, remains a topic of debate.While trading data of a few weeks does not necessarily translate to new market trends, it could hint at a shift in portfolio prominence.

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The hack of TheDAO has renewed interest in Ethereum vs Bitcoin.You can also exchange your PlexCoin for bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or fiat currencies.When it comes to Crypto currency investing, Bitcoin has been one of the most well-known among the general public for a considerable amount of time.Here is what investors need to know about bitcoin rival ethereum and its connection to the.