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A new cyber-extortion group is sending empty threats extorting organizations by demanding a ransom in order to avoid being hit by DDoS attacks.

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Group using DDoS attacks to extort business gets hit by

The Armada Collective vehemently denied involvement in this second attack, despite their own warnings of a larger attack.In fact, initial speculation led many to believe that this was the DD4BC group performing under a new name.

The FBI has issued an advisory to businesses over a recent string of DDoS extortion attempts.DDoS extortion gang suspect arrested by European police. A Distributed Denial of Service attack takes. responsible for several Bitcoin extortion.Bitcoin-for-DDoS extortion scheme has a new victim and its none other than the BTCC --- However, the hacker was unfortunate this time as the company was ca.

"Armada Collective" DDoS Threats Strike Again

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Authorities say that while the group initially ran Bitcoin extortion campaigns that primarily targeted.Summary Adversaries calling themselves the Lizard Squad have been sending businesses extortion letters, demanding payment in bitcoin to prevent a Distributed Denial.

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DDoS extortion from CyberTeam against These DDoS threats in the hope of extracting Bitcoin payments are called DDoS-for-Bitcoin or RDoS (Ransom DDoS)...However, something interesting happened recently — three banks in Greece were targeted by a group that called themselves the Armada Collective.

In this presentation, Roland Dobbins will discuss details of the ongoing DDoS for Bitcoins (DD4BC) DDoS extortion campaign.Other groups, inspired by their success, are jumping on the bandwagon.Have breaking news or a story tip to send to our journalists.

A new DDOS for Bitcoin Scam is doing the rounds

The perpetrators are claiming to be affiliated with Anonymous or Lizard.The tactics used by the Armada Collective are almost identical to DD4BC — threatening victims via email with a DDoS attack unless a bitcoin ransom is paid.

Unknown Copycat Using Armada Collective Name for DDoS-for. shows that DDoS-for-Bitcoin extortion schemes.

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Cyber criminal crew DD4BC extorts businesses via. a specific ransom amount in Bitcoins to stop the DDoS attack.DD4BC threatens the Bitcoin Community with DDOS extortion, blackmailing and slander.Follow the Money: Threat Intelligence for Financial Institutions.On 15 and 16 December, law enforcement agencies from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany and the United Kingdom joined forces with Europol in the fram.

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Tally of Cyber Extortion Attacks on Tech Companies Grows

What do you think of recent extortion attempts through DDOS.DDoS extortion is certainly not a new trick by the hacker community, but there have been several new developments to it.Page 1 of 3 DDOS EXTORTION AND BITCOIN by Neustar Engineering DDos extortion is certainly not a new trick by the hacker commu-nity, but there have been several new.